How to prepare bitterleaf soup (ofe onugbu)

Bitterleaf soup is a Nigerian delicacy and it’s a very sweet delicacy. I’ll be talking on how to make bitterleaf soup using cocoyam(ede).

Ingredients for bitterleaf soup.

Meat of choice

Stock fish

Dry fish

Ground crayfish

Seasoning of choice




Ogiri( made from castor seeds) (optional)



Procedure :

Wash bitter leaf and boil for 5-10min to remove the bitter taste.

Cook cocoyam for 10-15min and pound to paste.

Wash and boil meat using 3 cubes of seasoning, a pinch of salt and sliced onion. Allow to boil till tender.

Wash dry fish and stock fish using hot water and add to the pot of meat.

Add palm oil, ground crayfish, seasoning and salt to taste. Stir and allow to boil.

Add pounded cocoyam and ogiri. Cook till the cocoyam dissolves. Add little water if the soup is too tick and the cocoyam is yet to dissolve. Add bitterleaf and cook for 4min. Your soup is ready.

It can be eaten with eba, fufu, semo or pounded yam.

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